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Process Automation

Your start guide for digital execution


Customer success is one of the key pillars of MasterBase®. We know that to implement a digital process it is not enough to acquire a technological platform.

Our 18-year history serving thousands of users distributed in more than 10 countries and in different industries has allowed us to witness the experience of multiple companies. We highlight the success of many of them in the first months, but we are also attentive to those who are trapped without knowing very well how to move forward.

This guide has as main objective that all our clients succeed with their digital initiatives, that they can improve their business by automating manual tasks today and manage to free up time to devote to the heart of your business.

It consists of a first part dedicated to the execution process, which includes the candidates to automate, the methodology of the special and Quick Win Process (QWP).

Then the implementation part, which contemplates being able to detect the need, define the equipment and get going.

  • How to work the execution plan of an automated process
  • What the execution process must contain to be successful
  • What is a Quick Win Process and why work one
  • The key points to consider for the implementation of an automated process