MasterBase® Process Automation Trainee

MasterBase® invites you to transform your business through process automation.

Train online

In our online training you will learn to configure processes on our platform. Thanks to them, you can transform all those routine tasks that consume you time and money into automated processes that simplify your work.

In addition, you will increase your productivity, optimize your IT investment and improve your competitiveness, focusing on delivering more value to your customers, at a lower cost.

Discover how to organize your processes in steps and tasks, with the tools available on the MasterBase® platform, and how to integrate them with thousands of third-party Web Services (APIs) in the cloud.

Get better performance from your business, through automated processes that deliver the timely and truthful information you need to face a highly competitive and demanding world.

Why get trainee

  • You will learn to configure the specific processes that your business requires to automate
  • You will save time and money by automating your processes in MasterBase® yourself
  • You will simplify your life, making the automatons execute the routine tasks
  • You will learn to connect with thousands of online services
  • You can automate your entire organization, at your own pace and starting with the simplest