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Introduction to process automation


The digital revolution is transforming almost all industries, affecting the way we serve our customers, manage our operations, commit to our workforce and grow our business.

However, we still do much of the work through outdated processes and legacy systems that fail to reach the levels of business agility and efficiency that drive the success of modern business.

Given the great scope of this opportunity and the transformation effort required, it is natural that many organizations feel overwhelmed.

However, those who prepare their employees and train them with the right tools to meet the needs of digital businesses, will form a more agile, responsive and efficient workforce.

This eBook aims to help you understand the importance of process automation in the framework of digital transformation. It is a complete guide to get your company incorporated in optimal conditions to the digital era.

  • What is automation
  • Digital transformation and process automation
  • Process automation candidates
  • Benefits of automating processes
  • Why NOW is the time to automate processes
  • How to prepare your workforce for digital adoption